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Shine with us in the most devoted Trading Community! We are constantly extending our product range with innovative products and services that offer new dimensions in terms of winning Algorithmic Trading (including backtesting), live Trading Charts and Alerts on Discord, insight into Dark Pools, and Unusual Options Activity.

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We have combined over 40 years of experience building Trading Indicators and Systems that bring value to Traders around the globe. Shine with us in the most devoted Trading Community!
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Our mission is to provide indicators that actually bring value to you as a trader! We have carefully designed our Indicators / Algos to give insights that matter.

A big bonus for all our users is that we are 7-figures traders ourselves. Full-time Traders for more than 24 years now. We have shared some of our consistent strategies with our community. Join now!


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We provide traders with the right tools, strategies, and education to succeed in any market.

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Institutional Trading

Trade with the Financial Institutions (Smart Money)

The majority of volume in the market comes financial institutions (FI) which encompass a broad range of business operations within the financial services sector including banks, trust companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and investment dealers. They manage trillions of dollars each with an audience who accounts for 80%. When they trade large amounts it impacts prices now as well as future price moves so if you want better odds at predicting where things will go then follow their footprints! We have the tools to do it!

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Build your Wealth

Look at what the Institutions are investing in!

With the #1 Best Tools Available anything can be achieved. Leverage AI and Data Analytics using Tradytics (low price) to tap into the kind of knowledge that is only accessible to the Smart Money on Wall Street.

We offer live trading and professional coaching!

Get live trading alerts and coaching on Charts and Economics.

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Trusted by Thousands of Traders

We at TRND Trading are 7 figures traders that are sharing our tools and strategies with all our members. The customer feedback has been outstanding. Don’t take our words for it, read the reviews.


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Once you purchase a plan on our buy-now page, depending on your Plan you get instant access to our 10 +premium TradingView indicators / advanced algo systems and / or Discord Live Trading and addionally Tradytics to Leverage AI and Data Analytics to tap into the kind of knowledge that is only accessible to the big guns on Wall Street. Our tools work on the free plan of TradingView, you don’t need to upgrade to use our tools but we recommend a Pro or Pro+ membership.

Information we need to grant you access:

  1. Premium TradingView Algo Trading Systems Subscription: Your TradingView Username
  2. For all Discord Subscriptions: Discord VIP Tradytics | Discord VIP | Discord VIP+ (includes Discord VIP Tradytics): Your Discord Username (just the name without #1234)
    Our Premium Subscriptions TRND Trading Discord VIP+ gives you access Live Trading Alerts, Strategies, Trading Setups, Callouts and Education. Get access to Tradytics to see what Institutional Investors are doing buy analyzing Darkpool Data, Algo Flows and Unusual Options Activity. You will also have the chance to interact with our members and professional traders.

Everything is explained in the instruction email and on the thank-you page. You can read more here: TRND Trading get started

In order to get access to our Premium Algos for Buy / Sell Signals you need a Premium TradingView Algo Trading Systems Subscription. To subscribe click Buy Now and choose this plan.

Our Algo Systems and Indicators work in any market and timeframe.

Our Trading Tools and Systems can be used by anyone with ease.

Our tools are well-designed and can be customizable to fit your trading style.

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