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Say Hi to Arithmetic Candles!

Our new Arithmetic Candles uses smart mathematics to create accurate chart reading!

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TRND Trading

Enhance your charts!

Our new Arithmetic Candles uses smart mathematics to create accurate chart reading. Let’s give it a try!  We recommend everyone that is currently using Heikin-Ashi to Stop doing that and instead Start using Arithmetic Candlesticks! 

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Say GoodBy To Heikin-Ashi

The old way of smoothing the price is now outdated. Heikin-Ashi is simply an average of the open, high, low, and close for the current period. This way of smoothing prices is not enough in today’s fast-moving markets.

Let us introduce a better way of reading charts that make use of today’s rapid moves and is adapted to fit the current modern financial markets

We have taken years of experience and developed tools that make a difference! Our Indicators & Strategies are designed to work effectively in any market & timeframe.

Arithmetic Strategy

Get chart templates and strategies using our Arithmetic Candles!

With predefined chart templates and strategies, you can start using the Arithmetic Candles right away. Be curious about what you can achieve with our tools! 

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Onsens FX Algo

All-in-one FX Tool that helps you trade the FOREX market smarter! Comes with a proven strategy explained by our FX-Trader!


Real-Time Buy & Sell Signals

This Trading Tool is for both new traders and experienced ones. It comes with Buy/Sell signals, including Strong Buy/Sell. The users can enable Sniper Signals which are extremely useful for contrarian traders. In addition to that, the tool has Reversal Cloud, S/R Levels, Trend Tracker, Trend Background color, bar coloring, and Risk Management System.


With a simple strategy, you will be able to trade any market and timeframe! Our BellCurve strategy is well proven and used by our traders!

Liquidity Signals

Shortcut To The Best Market Analysis

Our liquidity algorithm scan 15 markets and 2 timeframes for liquidity areas and liquidations and send real-time alerts to our discord server. Stay ahead and updated! Never miss a key market event. These signals are used by professional traders around the globe.

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