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Buy & Sell Indicators

Buy and Sell Indicators are powerful algorithms that bring clarity to your chart. Our Algos notify you when it’s time to buy or sell in any market and timeframe. Stocks, Forex, Crypto & Commodities.

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Our Advanced Algos!

All our Buy/Sell signals have their own key feature which should be the base in the strategy you come up with. For instance, if you’re looking for Buy/Sell signals at the best times, no matter which trend we are in you should use Z -Algo. If you want to look for reversals, you can use Reversal Algo.

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Arithmetic Candlesticks

Arithmetic Candlesticks (Expo)is exceptionally well designed to filter out price noise. The indicator leaves us with accurate and clearer chart reading.

Key feature: Stay longer in trends and identifies pullbacks.

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Momentum Trend Strategy

Momentum – Trend Strategy (Expo) is designed to only give Buy signals in positive trends and only Sell signals in negative trends, this helps you as a trader to enter trades with the trend. A must-have for trend traders!

Key feature: Get insights about Bullish/Bearish market structure as well as identifying momentum breakouts within a trend.

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Range & Trend

Range & Trend (Expo)is an advanced algorithm with unique trend line calculations that filter out noise effectively. The indicator makes it easy to trade with the trend and to spot trading ranges.

Key feature: The ability to identify Long Term trends and ranging market.

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