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Frequently asked questions

We are a small team of talented professional traders (7-figures) with a wide range of skills and experience. We have been coding indicators and systems for more than 8-years and have already launched several fully automated trading bots. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to having you onboard!Our history is great: We have worked with a Swedish risk capitalist where we served as a strategic investment advisor and provided investment strategies.

Trading is changing: More and more, traders prefer brands that make us feel part of something bigger, connected around common causes or beliefs. Our Indicators and Systems aim to bring like-minded people together to be part of a fast-growing community that challenges the conventional way to trade.

Our cutting-edge algorithms work in any market and timeframe. Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Currencies & Commodities.

Once you purchase a plan here, depending on your Plan you get instant access to our 10 +premium TradingView indicators / advanced algo systems and/or Discord Live Trading and additionally Tradytics to Leverage AI and Data Analytics to tap into the kind of knowledge that is only accessible to the big guns on Wall Street. Our tools work on the free plan of TradingView, you don’t need to upgrade to use our tools but we recommend a VIP or VIP+ membership.

Information we need to grant you access:

  1. Premium TradingView Algo Trading Systems Subscription: Your TradingView Username
  2. For all Discord Subscriptions: Discord VIP Tradytics | Discord VIP | Discord VIP+ (includes Discord VIP Tradytics): Your Discord Username (just the name without #1234)
    Our Premium Subscriptions TRND Trading Discord VIP+ gives you access to Live Trading Alerts, Strategies, Trading Setups, Callouts, and Education. Get access to Tradytics to see what Institutional Investors are doing by analyzing Darkpool Data, Algo Flows, and Unusual Options Activity. You will also have the chance to interact with our members and professional traders.

Everything is explained in the instruction email and on the thank-you page. You can read more here: TRND Trading get started

Our tools work in any market and timeframe.

Our tools and system can be used by anyone with ease.

Our tools are well-designed and can be customizable to fit your trading style.

We’ve developed advanced premium trading tools designed to help you create your own strategies and get signals at the best times. Our indicators are designed to enhance your trading! Additionally, you get (depending on your subscription) Institutional data like dark pools, algo flow, unusual options activity, and much more!

Chart Indicators can be used stand-alone or together with our Buy/Sell Signals. You only need a TradingView Account but not necessarily a Discord Account.

  • We have over 10+ Premium Indicators.

We are proud and honored to be the top provider for Trading Tools & Systems for TradingView. We offer a variety of highly useful trading indicators and strategies that anyone can use to become a professional trader.

We are the first and the only provider that offers a fully backtesting algorithm, where the user gets access to the backtest in real-time. This makes you can feel more confident in our tools.

  • You can be confident that you’re using the absolute best tools available and always up to date.

You find our strategies and setups in our Discord Group. Join the group! In order to get access to the Tradytics and/or Strategies and Setups, you have to be a TRND Trading VIP/VIP+ member. When you purchase one of our membership plans and have let us know your Discord Username you will have TRND Trading VIP/VIP+ access.

In terms of the value the users get for the price they pay then we are the most affordable service you ever will find. You get everything from Institutional activity indicators to advanced Buy/Sell Algos to unique reversals indicators. The best part, we at TRND Trading are full-time traders ourselves, so the insights you gain from what we share are invaluable.

For more details on the plan please go to Buy Now

Our tools do not repaint.

  • Thousands of users would not have used our tools if they repainted, right?

Not one of our trading algos is repainting because it is of no value!

We mostly don’t provide backtest for our indicators or Buy/Sell Algos; we make indicator toolkits. The tools are meant to support your current trading strategy/setups. The indicators are built to be used manually to enhance your trading.

However, we have many users that connect the indicators alerts to their brokers and do automated trading.

Backtested Algos

  • If you want to have backtested algorithms we encourage you to look at our ZROLAG-TRND Algo, and UPI-TRND [Bot]

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