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  • After your payment, respond to the email with your Tradingview username to get access to the scripts!

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  • We are available during European CET time.

TRND Trading

Our Tools

Proven tools and strategies! We offer a variety of highly useful trading indicators and strategies that anyone can use to become a professional trader. Get Started Today!

Thousands of traders around the globe use our proven tools & strategies daily! We at TRND Trading have over 20 years of experience building innovative and highly useful trading indicators and systems.

TRND Trading


The ZROLAG-TRND Algo is a fully backtested algorithm with a transparent backtest. The user can easily see how the algorithm has performed and which settings have been most profitable.

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Advanced Algo / System

Get Buy/Sell Signals

All indicators that are listed under this category give real-time Buy/Sell Signals right on your chart. Set Alerts for the signals and get them right to your phone or desktop. These signals work in any market and timeframe and aim to give you the best signals at the best time.

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Premium Indicators

Well-designed indicators

We have developed many indicators that can be used in any market and timeframe. We are sure you will find indicators that fit your trading style.

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Liquidation Signals!

Get Trading Signals!

Get professional trading signals! Trade the same signals that made us into 7-figures Traders. Forex Signals, Alt Signals, Indices Signals, Gold Signals.

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About Discord

On our Discord Server, depending on your subscription (role) you get FULL access to all strategies and setups as well as get new updates and special offers. Apart from that, you get callouts and education from myself (Trndtrader) and our Partner Equity and Crypto Traders. You also have the chance to interact with like-minded traders and get quicker support from our team. We strongly recommend everyone to join.

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Find What Works For You

Give it a spin!

We encourage everyone to play around with our indicators and tools in order for you to understand how it works and find what fits your trading style. Since we all are different we all need different tools and strategies. If you find a setup you want to share, please reach out to us.

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We are available

We are available during European CET time. You get the quickest support if you reach out to us on Discord. You can always send us an email as well.

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