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How to identify the end/start of a trend

Use our advanced and intelligent trend indicator that identifies when a confirmed trend ends and starts. Knowing when a trend ends/starts is a key to success in trading!

TRND Trading

How to Find the End/Start of a Trend

We have developed the ultimate indicator that will detect and identify the end/start of a confirmed trend for you! In real-time without repainting. This indicator will identify when a downtrend or uptrend comes to an end in any market and timeframe.

Works in any market and timeframe!

Find out the End of the Trend in any market and timeframe!

No repainting!

It displays and alerts you in real-time without repainting when a trend is coming to an end and when a new one starts!

Highly useful and easy to use!

The simple design of the indicator makes it easy to use and understand.

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Trade Trends with Confidence!

Get insights that turn you into a successful trader!

Look how accurate the indicator identified the end of the negative trend and the start of the new positive trend!

This indicator can help traders to get out at the best times and enter into confirmed trends.

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Speaks for itself

Look how powerful!

To enter a confirmed trend reduce your risk and increases the profit potential, however, knowing when to exit a trending market can be even harder. That is why we have developed this indicator that will notify you when the trend move is about to end.

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TRND Trading

Identifies confirmed trends

This indicator identifies confirmed trend shifts! So it’s not like you gonna find the exact bottom or the top with the indicator, however, you are going to detect when a confirmed trend is about to end and when a new confirmed trend is about to start.

When a confirmed trend is about to end and a new confirmed trend is about to start a histogram is shown in the indicator.

TRND Trading

Get in and out at the best Confirmed Trends

Use the indicator to get in and out in confirmed trends. Enhancing your chart reading today.

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TRND Trading


Enable the retracements mode and the indicator will find pullbacks that can be great entries. Works for both long and short!